STAVANGER, Norway – The computer-assisted command post exercise STEADFAST JACKAL 2022 (STJA22) kicked off on November 22, 2022.

Sponsored by Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and directed by the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), STJA22 will train and evaluate NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Italy (NRDC-ITA) and its Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG) in planning and conducting a small joint operation, focusing on the land, air, and cyberspace domains.

STJA22 involves approximately 1,100 participants from 25 Allied and partner nations.  

Major General Piotr Malinowski, Commander JWC and the Exercise Director, said: “As the JWC team we are looking forward to conducting this important exercise which is essential to readiness and interoperability of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Italy. We will provide our training audience a very complex, realistic and challenging exercise, which aims to enhance their proficiency in crisis response and stability operations under NATO’s mandate.”

The Commander added: “The JWC exists to make NATO better through the provision of operational- and strategic-level exercises to best cope with the threats of today, as well as through focused warfare development to ensure that our forces are prepared for future battlefields.”

Exercise STEADFAST JACKAL 2022 is based on a fictitious non-Article 5 scenario created and developed by the JWC.

In addition to NATO’s comprehensive approach to crisis management, the exercise also underlines the importance of the information environment in a simulated joint operations area.

The JWC’s lead planner for STJA22, Lieutenant Colonel James Rossell, said: “We are very excited to conduct STEADFAST JACKAL 2022 after almost 22 months of planning. During the exercise the training audience will execute a variety of missions at the tactical and operational levels that support their training objectives. These mission sets range from combined joint operations and strategic communications to interoperability between the military and civilian entities.”

Led by Lieutenant General Lorenzo D’Addario, NRDC-ITA is a high readiness headquarters which can be quickly dispatched to command-and-control NATO troops on missions within or beyond the territory of NATO member states, for the collective defence of Alliance territory or in pursuit of Alliance, EU, or coalition security interests.

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Photos from STEADFAST JACKAL 2022 (by NRDC-ITA and JWC Public Affairs)