NATO and Partner Nations will conduct Exercise STEADFAST JAZZ 2013 in Latvia and in Poland from 2 - 9 November 2013. The event will mark the culmination of a series of dynamic and demanding exercises designed to train and test troops and commanders from the NATO Response Force (NRF).


The Steadfast series of exercises are part of NATO's efforts to maintain connected and interoperable forces at a high-level of readiness. The goal is to make sure that NRF troops are ready to deal with any situation in any environment.

The exercise involves about 6,000 personnel from many Allied and Partner Nations. Around 3,000 headquarters personnel from Joint Force Command Brunssum and other headquarters, including the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), will be involved in a command & control exercise on the Adazi Base near Riga, Latvia and at several other headquarters locations across the Alliance. In addition, multinational troops will participate in a live-fire exercise at Poland's Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area. Air, land, maritime, and special forces will also participate from several locations.

At the conclusion of the exercise, the headquarters staff from Joint Force Command Brunssum will be officially certified to lead NATO joint operations in 2014.