Friday, November 17, 2017
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JWC 10th Anniversary

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We’re 10!

10TH 1Ten years ago, on 23 October 2003, the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) was established in Jåttå, Stavanger, Norway. During the Activation Ceremony that afternoon, the then Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, U.S. Navy Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr., described the Centre as “the Jewel in the Crown of Allied Command Transformation”.

Over the years, the JWC has become an essential force for transformation throughout NATO and accumulated a history of unique achievements as the Alliance’s premier operational level training establishment.

During this ten-year period and until now, the JWC has trained more than 30,000 personnel for the full spectrum of joint operational warfare; either it prepared deploying units for their missions in Afghanistan or trained key staffs to serve within the NATO Response Force. The JWC’s operational-level collective training evolved and progressed constantly due to new threats, redefined missions and lessons learned.

In recent years, the JWC partnered with U.S. Joint and Coalition Warfighting to conduct highly complex, fourtier, multinational ISAF pre-deployment training events. It witnessed the immediate relevance of its training efforts in real-world operations when the training it provided in December 2010 significantly contributed to the success of NATO’s Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR in Libya, which started in February 2011.10TH 3

Ever adaptive, the JWC integrated new capacities into the exercises, delivered NATO’s new Skolkan scenario complete with cyber, space and missile defence challenges, and launched NATO’s first large-scale virtual network. The JWC also contributed to the development and adoption of NATO’s Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive, supported NATO’s Smart Defence and Connected Forces Initiative, led the way for many other concepts, such as Comprehensive Approach, and produced a wide variety of other reference documentation on modern warfare.

With its new training facility in Jåttå, operational since 2012, hosting NATO’s most advanced Information Technology platform and providing a training capacity of 650, the JWC today stands out as one of the world’s most state-of-the-art military training centres. Finally, last but not least, the JWC has forged close ties with Norway, culminating in the visit of His Majesty King Harald V on 14 May 2012, in which we all take extreme pride. This is one of the landmark dates in JWC history that will remain etched in everyone’s memory forever.

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