domjwcColonel Jan Østbø
Norwegian Army
Director of Management

Director of Management (DOM) directs, coordinates, prioritizes and supervises all staff activities within the Joint Warfare Centre on behalf of the Chief of Staff. DOM develops and maintains the Joint Warfare Centre Management Plan; ensures the Joint Warfare Centre's Programme of Work is delivered, and acts as the Norwegian Senior National Representative. The Offices under his supervision are as follows: Management, Tasking and Coordination Branch, Information Knowledge Management Branch, Protocol Branch and Resource Analysing and Planning Branch

Colonel Jan Østbø joined the Norwegian Armed Forces in July 1985, starting his career in the Infantry Basic Officers Training School. He continued his education at the Norwegian Army Military Academy (1987-1991), the Norwegian Army Staff College (1998), the Norwegian National Staff College (2001-2002) and completed a master degree in military science at the Norwegian Defence University College (2010-2011). He completed the Norwegian Senior Executive course at the Norwegian Defence University in 2016.

Colonel Østbø’s military career includes three operational deployments for NATO. These are: 1999-2000 Kosovo Force (KFOR) as duty officer in G-3 Ops, 2004-2005 to International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) as Deputy Commander for Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Maymanah, and ISAF 2013-2014 as Director of Operations in Regional Command North (RC N).

He has served in a variety of assignments. In the period from 1991-1997 as platoon commander in an infantry training centre, battalion security officer and rifle company commander in the Garrison of Porsanger. From 1997-2000 he was assigned as instructor at School of Infantry and Winter Warfare. From 2000-2001 he was second in command of the Norwegian Border Guard Battalion. From 2003-2006 he was Branch Head Training and Exercise Branch in J-7/ Norwegian National Joint Headquarters. From 2006-2007 he was assigned to the Norwegian Liaison Team to Central Command in Tampa. From Tampa he was posted to SHAPE, in the period 2007-2010, were he was in the J-7 Exercise Branch. Between 2011-2013 he was the Commanding Officer of the Norwegian Border Guard Battalion. Prior to his current assignment to JWC in 2014, he was Military Assistant to the Norwegian Chief of Defence.