SLIDE SHOW MISSION1The Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) provides NATO's training focal point for full spectrum joint Operational-level warfare. As such, the JWC is a full-spectrum, cross-functional warfare centre that delivers the highest-quality, joint Operational-level Command Post Exercises (CPX) in order to prepare the Headquarters of the NATO Command and NATO Force Structures to be at their very best to tackle whatever operational challenges they may face. 

In addition to this robust, highly realistic and demanding training, JWC analyses emerging NATO concepts and actively contributes to doctrinal, capability and concept development at the appropriate level in order to improve NATO's operational readiness and interoperability. 

The Centre also creates, develops and maintains fictitious settings and scenarios to support current and future exercises that meet all of the challenges and threats the NATO Alliance faces, and integrates Transformational Activities into those exercises, as directed by HQ SACT.

The JWC is the premier training establishment of the NATO Alliance at the Operational-level. Established in 2003, the Centre achieved its Full Operational Capability in 2006.

Key Mission Areas:

The JWC strives to create complex and realistic exercises, which will provide the best training environment for its diverse Training Audiences. The Centre:

  1. Trains NATO forces (joint/combined staffs of the NATO Command Structure/NATO Force Structure Headquarters) at the Operational-level in order to enhance interoperability and operational effectiveness.
  2. Provides and conducts NATO Response Force (NRF) certification exercises.
  3. Provides collective training support to Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), at all stages of the planning, execution and analysis, in accordance with the Bi-Strategic Military Training and Exercise Programme.
  4. Supports NATO's Warfare Development through concept integration and doctrine development and coordinates integration of experimentation and capability development.
  5. Contributes fully to NATO’s Lessons processes and ensures Transformational outputs are integrated into collective training events.
  6. Supports adherence to Joint Operational Warfare doctrine and standards.
  7. Creates, maintains and develops NATO’s synthetic training scenarios.
  8. Provides state-of-the-art computer simulation (CAX) and media simulation capabilities.