DIANDCOM updated wdarticlesInterview: The Gender Perspective at the Operational Level

British Air Force Squadron Leader Diana Bird is a member of the Joint Warfare Centre's Training Advisory Team and has also been the Centre’s Gender Advisor since 2018. In her latter role, she has witnessed the ongoing developments regarding the gender perspective in NATO Armed Forces, especially at the strategic and operational levels. Her feedback: "If we neglect the gender perspective, we are essentially surrendering part of the battlefield to our adversaries."

by Inci Kucukaksoy and Sarah Denieul, Joint Warfare Centre

Warfare Development: Relevance, Risks and Making it Real

TDD PhotoJWC 0045Given the current and future operational environment, Alliance leaders will have to apply sufficient resources and focused attention on warfare development to ensure NATO remains relevant and ready to successfully prevail against all potential adversaries and threats.

By Colonel Jean-Michel Millet, French Army, Head Transformation Delivery Division, Joint Warfare Centre




 15 Years of Media Simulation Excellence

QX0A1419 MediaWDupdate

Napoleon Bonaparte has been quoted as saying: “Four hostile newspapers are to be more feared than a thousand bayonets.” Although warfare has since evolved, the effect of news media continues to be a critical consideration for military commanders.

By Laura Loflin DuBois, Exercise Planner and TV Producer, Media Simulation Section Joint Warfare Centre




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Learning From Our Past, Looking to the Future: Exercises, Training and Innovation

DSC 4989222Whilst the JWC delivers higher command and staff collective training for three- and four-star NATO headquarters, it can also harvest a huge dividend in warfare development and innovation. Exercises may be the most conspicuous aspect of what we do, yet it is our role in joint and combined warfare development at the operational level that offers enduring benefit to the Alliance.  

By Colonel Neil Wright, British Army, Deputy Chief of Staff Exercise, Training and Innovation Directorate, Joint Warfare Centre




In a World Without Doctrine, Chaos Reigns Supreme

TRJR18 Ulm PhotoJWC 0942Throughout history, doctrine has provided an operational foundation for governments and organisations. NATO is no different in this regard. Without well-conceived doctrine, no organisation can effectively achieve its objectives.

By Commander Shannon Wells, United States Navy, Staff Officer, Doctrine Support Branch, Joint Warfare Centre





Transformational Activities at the JWC

QX0A1505 TACTs12NATO operates in an environment of continuous change, requiring the Alliance to rethink, reprioritise and reform in response to new risks and the evolving security landscape. As NATO has adapted its strategy, concepts, and Military Command and Force Structures over the last 15 years, Headquarters Supreme Allied Command Transformation (HQ SACT) has been leading the Military Transformation process, within which the JWC and its Concepts, Capability Integration and Experimentation (CCI&E) Branch have been instrumental.

By Peter M. Hutson, Capability Integration and Experimentation Analyst, Joint Warfare Centre