trjr17medi1"JWC Training Audiences face a complex and challenging information battlespace that is unmatched anywhere in NATO."

The following is a transcription of an interview with Mr Pete DuBois, JWC's Chief Media for Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017, which was originally published in The Three Swords Magazine in July 2017.

JWC 10TH VIDEO smallThe July 2017 issue of The Three Swords Magazine includes a compilation of articles/interviews on a broad range of topics such as Lawfare; an exclusive review of NATO exercises; TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017; Waging Information Warfare in the 21st Century as well as in-depth articles on White and Grey Cell, CIMIC, and more!

greececomOn 27 June 2017, Lieutenant General Dimitrios Bikos, the Commander of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Greece (NRDC-GR), visited NATO's Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) where he was hosted by Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander JWC, to discuss progress to date, and the way ahead, for Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2018 (TRJR18).


cybercomvisitJUN17Norwegian Air Force Major General Inge Kampenes, Commander of the Norwegian Cyber Defence (Cyberforsvaret), visited NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) on 22-23 June 2017 for talks with Polish Army Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander JWC.


MontenegromembershipThe flag of Montenegro was raised at NATO Headquarters on Wednesday (7 June 2017) in a special ceremony to mark the country’s accession to NATO.


18maysactvisitFrench Air Force General Denis Mercier, the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), visited the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) on Wednesday 18 May 2017.

 X0A8665 copy CTSWORKSHOPUnder the lead of Headquarters Allied Command Transformation (HQ SACT), NATO’s annual workshop for Collective Training Support Programme of Work (CTS-POW) was held on 26 and 27 April 2017 at the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in Stavanger, Norway.


jwcpao jwcbirdeyeviewThe Optimization Project at Joint Warfare Centre (The Three Swords Magazine, December 2015, Issue: 29, p. 34) has been an unqualified success, demonstrating improvement in nearly all of the organizational shortfalls that it was designed three years ago to address.


 X0A8351 trjr17endex1thumb

On Thursday 6 April, the execution phase of Exercise Trident Jaguar 2017 involving 1 German/Netherlands Corps (1GNC) ended in Stavanger, Norway. This computer-assisted, command post exercise (CPX) enabled 1GNC to conduct a Land heavy, Small Joint Operation within the context of a fictitious scenario.

 X0A8295 thumbnetherlands1The Netherlands Secretary General of Defence Mr Wim Geerts and the Chief of Defence General Tom Middendorp visited NATO's Joint Warfare Centre (JWC)  on Friday 31 March 2017 in order to observe the second iteration for Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017 (TRJR17) and also to meet with the Centre's leadership. 


 X0A7191 TRJR17THUMBOn 17 March 2017, the execution phase of exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017 (TRJR17) for the Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTF HQ) Rapid Reaction Corps France (RRC FR) finished after nine intensive days.


TRJR17 X0A7039 THMExercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017 (TRJR17) commenced in Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria, and the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), Norway, on Wednesday 8 March 2017.

 X0A6851 edmngulmGerman Army Lieutenant General Richard Rossmanith, Commander of Multinational Joint Headquarters (MN JHQ) Ulm, visited NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) on Wednesday 1 March 2017. He was hosted by Polish Army Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander JWC.

QX0A6506THjag17Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 17 (TRJR17) Scripting Workshop took place from 30 January to 10 February 2017 at NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), Stavanger, Norway, with participation from both Training Audiences, 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps (1GNC) and Rapid Reaction Corps-France (RRC-FR), as well as Maritime, Special Operations and Air Component Commands, the Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG), theatre troops, short-term operational contractors and in-house JWC staff.

IMG 6684 2 thumbgerschOn 14 February 2017, a delegation of German Fuehrungsakademie der Bundeswehr (German Staff College of the Joint Armed Forces) headed by Brigadier General Thomas Hambach paid an official visit to NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in Stavanger, Norway.

 X0A6571paulsewOn 8 February 2017, the JWC senior leadership team came together to discuss the results of the 2016 Annual Climate Survey and to plan the large upcoming summer rotation.

 X0A6585 JFTvisitthbItalian Air Force Major General Stefano Vito Salamida, Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Force Trainer, paid a visit to NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) on Thursday, 9 February 2017. 

Attrill jfcnaplesNATO Force Integration Units (NFIUs) are part of the NATO Force Structure (NFS) under the primary responsibility of Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR); they have no deployable remit. You can read an exclusive interview with Royal Air Force Wg Cdr Mark Attrill here, which was published in JWC's The Three Swords Magazine in January 2017.

QX0A6118 biconferencethumbNATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) hosted a two-day Building Integrity (BI) Introduction Seminar in Jatta, Stavanger, from January 17 to 18.

QX0A6315 intday17On Sunday, 22 January 2017, the JWC community held its annual International Day celebration. This event allows our community to get together, meet new community members or catch up with others, and enjoy food and beverages from many of the Nations represented here at the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC).