ISAF1302 WEBThe photo shows German Army Major General Erhard Buehler, Commander Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), introducing representatives from the Afghan National Security Forces to members of the ISAF, ISAF Joint Command (IJC) and Regional Command – West (RC-W) training audience during ISAF 13-02/UE 14-1 in Grafenwoehr, Germany. 

QX0A0336 websiteIn celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Germany’s unification, the German Element in Stavanger, Norway, hosted a festive reception on 3 October for all JWC staff, represented by 16 Nations, and their families.

shapebriefSupreme Allied Commander Europe, General Philip Breedlove and Commander Joint Force Command Brunssum, General Hans-Lothar Domröse spoke to over twenty international journalists regarding their priorities for the coming year, including the training of the NATO Response Force (NRF) and Exercise STEADFAST JAZZ 13 at JFC Brunssum, The Netherlands, on Wednesday 18 September.

robe medalDuring a JWC All Hands Call on Wednesday 18 September, Mr. Robert Scheider from the Joint Training Division, received the award of the “Non-Article 5” medal and certificate signed by NATO Secretary General H.E. Anders Fogh Rasmussen in support of the Alliance’s ISAF operation in Afghanistan.

QX0A0030 smallJWC’s annual Staff Development Integration (SDI) programme was held in downtown Stavanger on 3-5 September. “This was our fourth year and the most diverse programme to date,” said Mr. Paul Sewell, one of the co-founders of the SDI and a Lessons Learned Analyst at the JWC.

IMG 9886A total of 145 service members and civilians participated in the “Main Event List/Main Incident List (MEL/MIL) Conference and STARTEX Validation Workshop” from 27 August to 4 September at  the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in preparation for STEADFAST JAZZ 13 (SFJZ 13), which is scheduled for this November.

Capture4 smallOn Friday 23 August, 30 members of the NCIA Squadron Stavanger (NCST) had the extremely rare opportunity to take part in a pre-planned Search & Rescue (SAR) exercise.

QX0A2449One of the calendar highlights for August has been the “Newcomers Training”, which was conducted from 20 to 22 August to welcome 50 new staff members and their families to the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC).

FLAGSFor ten years JALLC has organized the NATO Lessons Learned Conference, an important event which brings together NATO and National entities, developing a stronger NATO Lessons Learned Community. The theme for this year’s Conference is “Consolidating Lessons, Sharing and Learning”.

Cover smallIt all started with the anonymous Corporate Culture Profile Survey in January this year, where the JWC staff was invited to submit their observations of what we do well at the JWC and where we could be even better as a transformational entity.

martinez3 smallU.S. Air Force Major General Jerry P. Martinez, Deputy Chief of Staff Operations at NATO’s Joint Force Command Brunssum, the Netherlands, visited the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) on Tuesday 27 August.

P1080728Did you know that JWC 10th Anniversary is Wednesday 23 October? Currently, the Joint Warfare Centre has a Peacetime Establishment of 250 personnel and this includes military and civilian staff members from 15 NATO Nations and one PfP Nation: Austria.

COCCAMPMADLA SMALLStavanger --- Today's short but very stylish ceremony at the Naval Basic Training Centre Harald Haarfagre (Camp Madla) bid farewell to its Commander since September 2011, Commander Per Skjegstad, and welcomed his successor, Navy Captain Tor Fredrik Johannessen.

JDK AUG13The JWC Deployable Kit, designed and implemented by the NCI Agency Squadron Stavanger (NCST) technicians and engineers in 2012, is a cutting-edge virtualized IT infrastructure that enables the Centre to conduct multi-layered and complex exercises at deployed locations.

JUNCTURE12 4 WEBSMALLAs NATO approaches a change of mission in Afghanistan, a change also begins towards the implementation of the new NATO Command Structure (NCS) and NATO Force Structure (NFS) organisations shifting focus back to collective defence.

8 JULY MAGAZINE websmallThe magazine's online edition can be found here:

COC 13 1Today’s ceremony at the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) bid farewell to its Commander since 17 June 2011, Major General Jean-Fred Berger, and welcomed his successor, Major General Erhard Buehler.

SACT 13 SMALLThe Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) today welcomed the visit of French Air Force General Jean-Paul Paloméros, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) accompanied by Spanish Navy Vice Admiral Javier Gonzáles-Huix, ACT’s newly appointed Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Force Trainer (DCOS JFT), from Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

MMOY1Royal Norwegian Air Force Sergeant Christer Tjessem, Security Assistant at the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), was named the Centre's Outstanding Military Member of the Year (MMOY) 2012.

ENGINEER1Three Exercise Base Services Division staff have been rewarded for their dedication and commitment to both NATO and The Norwegian Armed Forces after clocking up a total of more than ninety years of service between them.