6H6A9697 cyberspacedayJWC11Norwegian Air Force Major General Inge Kampenes, Commander of the Norwegian Cyber Defence (Cyberforsvaret); Mr Christian-Marc Lifländer, Head of the Cyber Defence Section at NATO Headquarters and Norwegian Army Major Ingrid Hernes, Staff Officer at NATO Cyberspace Operations Centre, visited the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) on Tuesday 18 December 2018 to give a series of lectures on cyber defence.

The visit was a part of the JWC’s 15th Anniversary Guest Lectures Programme, which began in January. The invited speakers were welcomed by Polish Army Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander JWC, who stressed the importance of cooperation and strategic thinking to mitigate increasing domestic, international, and transnational cyber security challenges.

The first speaker of the day was Mr Lifländer whose discussion focused on the Political/Strategic-level perspectives on cyber as well as the evolving cyber landscape since 2013, and its short- and long-term implications for the Alliance. Next to speak was Major Hernes who provided an overview of the Cyberspace Operations Centre, established as part of HQ SHAPE in February 2018 to provide situational awareness and coordination of NATO operational activity within cyberspace.

The final speaker was Major General Kampenes who provided a detailed analysis of the Norwegian national perspective, which was particularly significant following the NATO Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018 (TRJE18). Kampenes thanked the JWC for providing a “valuable, interesting and educational background” during the Command Post Exercise portion of TRJE18, “especially in the areas of CIS and Cyber”. Kampenes also spoke about the shifting focus from information assurance to mission assurance and integrating cyber defence in operations and planning processes.

Cyberspace is a new domain of operations for NATO, which form part of NATO’s long-term adaptation. NATO Warsaw Summit in 2016 declared cyber defence was “part of NATO's core task of collective defence,” and recognized cyberspace as “a domain of operations in which NATO must defend itself as effectively as it does in the air, on land, and at sea.”


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