QX0A9972 SC2019 SMALLThe 2019 Societal Safety and Protection Conference (Samfunnssikkerhetskonferansen 2019) will take place at the University of Stavanger (UiS) on Thursday 3 January 2019.

The annual conference allows societal safety and security experts as well as academicians, representatives of the private and public sector and the military to discuss some of the most pressing issues affecting defence and security in the 21st century.

Samfunnssikkerhetskonferansen is jointly organized by the County Governor of Rogaland, the UiS, the Rogaland Police District, NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) and Stavanger University Hospital.

In 2018, the conference centred around the theme of "new" security challenges to the Western world, debating whether they were truly "new" or not. Topics discussed included the threats from hybrid warfare, safety management and strategies for effective security, the evolution of Norway's risk governance strategy since the 2011 Oslo terror attacks, trust and threat perception, strategic communications and the impact of social media.

Samfunnssikkerhetskonferansen 2019 will focus on the theme “Local Responsibility for National Security”. The conference aims to explore the following: (1) Prevention of violent extremism and safety and security in public spaces, (2) Civil-military cooperation (local social responsibility for national security), (3) Digital transformation and the concept of “fake news”.

During the conference, the JWC will set up an information booth at the Elise Ottesen-Jensen’s House where participants will be able to meet with the staff and learn about the Centre’s role and mission.

QX0A9972 SC2019

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Samfunnssikkerhetskonferansen, now in its sixteenth year, provides the annual meeting venue in Stavanger for societal safety and security experts to exchange ideas, learn new policies and share best practices on a variety of topics. It features keynote presentations and several guest speakers from intelligence and security agencies, academia, news media, police and the military.

To learn more about the conference (in Norwegian) please visit the link below: