6H6A6931 editedTo celebrate 28 years of Germany’s unification, the German Element in Jåttå and Colonel Holger Gratz, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Joint Warfare Centre’s (JWC) Support Directorate, hosted a reception on Wednesday 3 October for the JWC staff, represented by 15 Nations, and their families.

“The Day of German Unity” (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) is a national holiday in Germany and it commemorates the anniversary of the German unification that went into effect in 1990, a year after the Iron Curtain was torn down.

“28 years ago today, German people were reunited in justice, democracy and freedom,” said Colonel Gratz, who is also the German Senior National Representative at the JWC, adding: “We are enjoying the longest period of peace ever experienced in the heartland of Europe. Next year, we will celebrate 70 years of our Constitution, the one that also paved the way towards the reunification in 1990. All this would not have been possible without people’s strong belief in human rights and democracy.”

Following Colonel Gratz's speech, the guests enjoyed a festive reception, which also featured various cultural presentations about the 16 federal states of Germany.

A major highlight of the celebration was the guest appearance of the German Army Band Kassel, who played a special concert honouring the Unification Day.


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