6H6A7125MTEP2019 THUMBNAILA number of meetings took place at the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) in Stavanger, 18-22 September, to look at NATO’s Military Training and Exercise Programme (MTEP) for the next five years and improve coordination and cooperation between the stakeholders.

Allied Command Transformation (ACT) led the MTEP Planning Board, which was the keystone event during the week.

The purpose of the MTEP Planning Board is to create the first draft of the MTEP for 2019 – 2023. In addition to developing the draft MTEP, the two-day conference also updated the participants with new initiatives in Education, Training, Exercise and Evaluation. The Board basically provides strategic level guidance to the stakeholders in developing the MTEP.

“The MTEP planning board process is an annual process that seeks to align strategic exercise activities to meet desired intent of SACEUR”, said US Marine Colonel Sean Killeen, Branch Head of HQ SACT’s Training and Exercise, Joint Force Trainer, adding: “SACEUR has defined Major Joint Operation plus (MJO+) for NATO training and exercise programmes as the way ahead, working towards Collective Defence.”

“In an effort to do that we, elements from the NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure, gathered in Stavanger to discuss how we can synch, align, and achieve strategic alignment of those programs to achieve SACEUR desired ends,” Killeen added.


Demonstrating JWC’s capabilities in hosting important meetings

CPO Paul Thistlewaite from JWC’s Resource, Analysis and Planning Team said that planning seven key meetings in 10 days taking place at one location required excellent coordination, communication and teamwork. “So many different branches were flexible and cooperative which provided a good foundation to ensure that each of the meetings could be hosted in suitable surroundings,” he added.