6H6A0458melmilthumbnailThe Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) recently concluded the Main Events List/Main Incidents List (MEL/MIL) Scripting and STARTEX Validation Workshop for TRIDENT JAVELIN 17 (TRJN17), which is a Command Post/Computer-Assisted Exercise (CPX/CAX) aiming at expanding NATO’s Command and Control (C2) interoperability to conduct large scale joint warfare in a complex, multinational environment.



Built upon a fictitious Article 5 Collective Defence scenario created by the JWC, TRJN17 is the largest NATO exercise this year. It is also NATO's first Major Joint Operation “Plus” (MJO+) level exercise.

Directed by Polish Army Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander JWC, TRJN17 will certify Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFC Brunssum) as the enhanced NATO Response Force 2018 (e-NRF18) Headquarters, together with its Single Service Commands, Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) and Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM). 

Most significant CPX in 20 years; training the whole NATO Command Structure

For Royal Air Force Wg Cdr Christopher Ball, who serves as JWC’s Officer of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for the exercise, the MEL/MIL script is closely pertinent to NATO’s diverse, unpredictable and demanding security environment.

“At JWC, we continuously look for innovative ways to improve the overall MEL/MIL process, particularly in the way of CAX support. TRIDENT JAVELIN 17 is a CPX on an unequalled scale; it’s one of the most significant operational-level NATO exercises in 20 years, collectively training the whole NATO Command Structure. So, it’s both a challenge and an opportunity for all those involved,” Wg Cdr Ball said. 

He added: “What we realise is that an exercise designed to challenge the capacity to plan and execute an operation that is larger than a Major Joint Operation revolves around completely new ways of thinking and working. Therefore, at the workshop we encouraged all participants to think differently on the art of war and sometimes to step outside their comfort zone.”

The aim of the workshop was to develop the exercise MEL/MIL script in accordance with the exercise scenario, to facilitate cross-pollination across political, economic, military and operational spectrums as well as to build the CAX simulation database.

More than 300 military and civilian personnel participated in the workshop. 


Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander JWC

British Army Major Mark Kerr from LANDCOM noted that TRJN17 would provide a whole new level of training for NATO and strengthen joint response capabilities of the forces.

“Exercise TRIDENT JAVELIN 17 is a really important training event for LANDCOM. It is an opportunity for LANDCOM to practice their operational role in times of crisis, as Land Component Command in a Major Joint Operation 'Plus' in a NATO Article 5 Collective Defence setting. The scale and resources offered by this exercise makes it a superb opportunity and very important for LANDCOM,” he noted. 

Among other focuses, TRJN17 emphasises hybrid threats (a mix of conventional and irregular warfare), crisis resolution, air and land integration and maritime security, Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD), Chemical, Biological, Radiological threats, cybersecurity, Strategic Communications and the Comprehensive Approach to support operations. 

Exercise TRJN17 will be sponsored by NATO’s Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Norfolk, VA, United States.






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