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On Thursday 6 April, the execution phase of Exercise Trident Jaguar 2017 involving 1 German/Netherlands Corps (1GNC) ended in Stavanger, Norway. This computer-assisted, command post exercise (CPX) enabled 1GNC to conduct a Land heavy, Small Joint Operation within the context of a fictitious scenario.

The Joint Warfare Centre was responsible for directing the CPX, which trained and evaluated 1GNC to be certified as a Joint Task Force Headquarters and be part of the NATO Force Structure (NFS) Standby Forces for 2017-2018.

Commander 1GNC, Lieutenant General Michiel van der Laan (Netherlands Army), was very pleased with both his Headquarters and the Exercise Control (EXCON) facilitated by JWC. “For us these two weeks were great, we loved it, you made  1 German/Netherlands Corps first,” he concluded in his speech to JWC and the EXCON.

“You made this happen. I am very grateful for that; this was the best exercise this headquarters has experienced for years. That was only possible because the scenario was good; the MEL/MIL shop [Exercise Content] did their job tremendously good. And I had good Component  Commanders,” said Lieutenant General van der Laan.

Commander Joint Warfare Centre, Major General Andrzej Reudowicz (Polish Army), is the Officer Directing the Exercise. “I am happy with the Training Audience's achievement, and how the exercise was provided by the EXCON team. Without the commitment of our staff we would not have achieved the success of this exercise. There are a lot of lessons learned from 1GNC and from our staff on how to continue to improve our performance in creating this complex environment for the Training Audience,“ said Commander JWC.

Deputy Chief of Staff of JWC's Exercise, Training and Innovation Directorate, Colonel Christopher Engen (US Army), is impressed with the JWC team. “These past few weeks truly exemplified teamwork, and demonstrated how much can be achieved through collaboration and mutual support. It has been amazing to experience this culmination of effort by the Training Audience, the Exercise Control elements, and the wide range of Support Units and Agencies,” Colonel Engen said.

The 1GNC units --- 11 (NLD) Air Manoeuvre Brigade, 37 (DEU) Mechanized Infantry Brigade, (41) DEU Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 4 (CZE) Rapid Deployment Brigade, and the Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG) provided by the Netherlands Operational Support Command (Land) --- AIRCOM and STRIKFORNATO also participated in the exercise as the Maritime and Air Component Commands, respectively. Additionally, Lithuanian Special Operations Force (SOF), supported by the Netherlands SOF, participated in the exercise as the Special Operations Component Command.

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There were several visits during the exercise, which afforded the opportunity to highlight this robust training event. The visitors offered feedback to Commander JWC, and expressed their admiration for the exercise product that is delivered. The visits included: The Netherlands Secretary General of Defence Mr Wim Geerts, the Director General for Political Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chief of Defence General Tom Middendorp; a small delegation of Norwegian Parliament from the Conservative Party and a delegation from the NATO Partners - Observers Programme as well as the Deputy Commander of NATO’s Allied Land Command, Lieutenant General Paolo Ruggiero.

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