X0A7191 TRJR17THUMBOn 17 March 2017, the execution phase of exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017 (TRJR17) for the Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTF HQ) Rapid Reaction Corps France (RRC FR) finished after nine intensive days.


The Command Post Exercise, directed by Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), aimed to evaluate and certify RRC FR to be a part of the NATO Force Structure (NFS) Standby Forces for 2017-2018. Almost two years of planning culminated in the execution of TRJR17 for RRC FR, which took place in Stavanger, Norway and Novo Selo, Bulgaria.

During the exercise RRC FR conducted a Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Land Heavy Small Joint Operation. As the Training Audience, RRC FR was exposed to a realistic complex threat environment based on the fictitious Skolkan 2.0 scenario developed by JWC. They were challenged within threats ranging from cyber, CBRN, insurgency and counterterrorism.

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Successful joint learning and cooperation amongst NATO Nations

Commander Joint Warfare Centre Major General Andrzej Reudowicz (Polish Army) is the Officer Directing the Exercise. JWC’s Officer of Primary Responsibility for TRJR17 is Lieutenant Colonel Jocelyn Bergeron (Canadian Air Force). He has been JWC’s lead planner for the exercise from the beginning, and concludes that the exercise was a success. LTC Bergeron emphasized that planning the exercise was a "formidable joint effort that stimulated joint learning"; and despite language barrier and cultural differences, "cooperation was strong amongst the NATO countries."

“Although one focus of the TRJR 17 Exercise was for the JTF HQ to operate jointly, planning the exercise itself was a formidable joint effort. Multiple NATO organisations, encompassing many nations, came together at multiple locations and continuously worked jointly over the planning cycle, to make this exercise a success. This effort stimulated joint learning and showed me that despite differences in language and cultures, cooperation is strong amongst the NATO countries,” said LTC Bergeron.

Unique point of start for the exercise

The Main Event List/Main Incident List (MEL/MIL) comprised many challenging events and incidents that the Training Audience faced with. This included opposing forces and an Information Environment simulating a range of media channels, including Social Media. The MEL/MIL Chief, Commander Chris Haley (Royal Navy), explained that the JWC Exercise Control (EXCON) delivered a very comprehensive set of operational-level challenges and dilemmas, all of which triggered military, political and diplomatic engagements for RRC FR to attempt to assess and solve.

The start point for RRC-FR in exercise TRJR 17 was unique. “RRC FR started in a Decisive Action Phase, having conducted Shaping Operations. This allowed a script to be developed whereby RRC-FR would most likely reach a point where the cessation of hostilities and post-conflict considerations would be key planning and execution activities,” CDR Haley said.

The Skolkan 2.0 scenario was developed and adapted by JWC specifically for TRJR 17 to challenge RRC FR’s Training Objectives.

The scenario included the complexity of a wider range of security challenges, and created the environment that allowed RRC France to show their ability to plan and execute military operations as a Joint Task Force Headquarters. The Exercise Control (EXCON) was located in Stavanger, Norway, including the Joint Logistics Task Group (JLSG).



What is Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017?


Photos from TRIDENT JAGUAR 2017

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