X0A6571paulsewOn 8 February 2017, the JWC senior leadership team came together to discuss the results of the 2016 Annual Climate Survey and to plan the large upcoming summer rotation.

The 2016 Annual Climate Survey is an internal survey, created by the Organizational Development Team (ODT) in 2015. It was developed to provide a “temperature check” of the staff on a number of different organizational issues. This tool proved very useful in its first year and so was repeated in December 2016. Today, it still serves as a useful tool for the leadership to understand which areas of their staff and processes need to be focussed on for continuous improvement.

Overall, the response to the Survey was indeed overwhelming, with over 80% staff response rate and over 80 pages of useful feedback in the form of free text comments. The senior leaders had the possibility to review these comments beforehand and then during the senior leadership event on 8 February each of the leaders provided their plans for 2017 for improving the functioning of their own areas.

The second focus area of the day was planning the large upcoming summer rotation. A number of existing initiatives were reviewed such as the established HOTO (Handover/Takeover) and Exit Interview processes. Then the team discussed what other means could be used to capture the knowledge of those leaving in summer and then transferring that knowledge to those arriving so that they are ready and able for the busy fall exercise schedule.

Mr Paul Sewell, JWC's Organizational Development Officer and the facilitator of the event, said: “I think it was a productive event with time well spent. This is a well-established team who have no problem speaking freely amongst each other, which meant that they were able to dig down into some of the deeper issues relating to the JWC mission”.  

This is just one example of the proactive team-building approach the JWC has undertook over the last four years, focusing on its One Team culture at all levels in the organisation.


JWC's senior leadership, 8 February 2017



JWC Organizational Development Update