LSAM 1367 oneteamthast week saw the final instalment in the JWC's comprehensive newcomers' programme. The most recent JWC One Team Programme was an interactive two-day event introducing the new staff to the JWC's thriving organizational culture.

This hands-on and engaging programme provides the participants with a tangible set of tools to use in daily working life. The participants were exposed to the range of JWC One Team concepts such as "Be Here Now", "The Accountability Ladder" and "The Mood Lift".

These and the other 20+ concepts are designed to provide the new staff with a common language for being effective and getting things done in the Centre. But they also provide healthy reminders on how to improve the quality of their interactions and relationships with the rest of the staff and those they serve in NATO.

Now in its fourth year, the programme brought on board two new military facilitators, Lieutenant Colonel Ed Williams (USA A) and Lieutenant Colonel George "Gillie" Gillam (CAN A) who brought their own years of experience and helped demonstrate some of the different working styles and the importance of coaching and feedback in the organization.

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