SAM SMALLTOn July 6, the JWC's TRIDENT JAVELIN 17 (TRJN17) team conducted a special offsite team building session. TRJN17 will be an important and complex exercise for NATO when it executes next year.

Therefore, from the very beginning, the Officer of Primary Responsibility (OPR) WG CDR Chris Ball, recognized the need to develop and strengthen the team to be able to be more flexible and adaptable to the challenges that come with such an exercise.

The offsite also presented an excellent example of JWC's ongoing and proactive commitment to developing its teams to provide a better output.

Simply put, the purpose of this event was to focus on the transition from Stage 1 into Stage 2 in the NATO exercise process for TRJN17. Here, I supported the team to focus on a number of key outputs for the day. The first goal was to review the major lessons taken from Stage 1 and what could be transferred to the other exercise teams for their benefit. Secondly, the team explored the ideal mindsets and principles required for the challenges that lay ahead in Stage 2 and beyond.

After the productive and engaging morning, the team was given the opportunity to take out the boats from the JWC Boathouse and sail on the beautiful Hafrsfjord, home of the famous Three Swords monument. They then sailed around a nearby island in the spirit of friendly competition. They were challenged and supported by the experienced members of the JWC Sailing Club, CDR Martin Meier, Wg Cdr Mark Lunan and CDR Andy White.

Overall, the day was well spent and provided a healthy balance of focussed work and also the time for the team to continue to grow strongly and closer together for the complexities that lay ahead for the TRJN17 exercise.


SAM 0646 MID

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