A35V9905thumb1Royal Navy Petty Officer Paul Medcalf, Core Services System Administrator from NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) Squadron Stavanger (NCST), was named the Joint Warfare Centre's (JWC) Military Member of the Year (MMOY) 2015.

During an awards ceremony held at JWC's Harald Hårfagre Auditorium in Jåttå, Stavanger, on Monday 18 April, German Army Major General Reinhard Wolski, Commander JWC, presented Medcalf with the Letter of Commendation and a plaque of appreciation.

"JWC's Military Member of the Year Award is a recognition of the outstanding service and dedication of our international enlisted personnel to the mission of the JWC and their vital role within NATO," said Major General Wolski, adding: "I firmly believe that people, JWC's 'One Team', is our most important asset, so it is a pleasure for me to recognise Petty Officer Medcalf and announce his nomination to represent the JWC at this year's MMOY competition; thank you for your professional and personal excellence."A35V9941 bg

Led by Allied Command Transformation (ACT) the MMOY Programme was established in 2003 with the first selection being held in February 2004.

The Programme aims to recognize the vital role played by the Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) of ACT and its subordinate headquarters, and is an annual opportunity for senior enlisted members within ACT to honour one of their junior NCOs for his or her hard work and dedication to duty in support of his or her command and the mission of the NATO Alliance.

"It was a huge privilege to be nominated for such an award and I'm very proud to have won," said Petty Officer Paul Medcalf.


JWC's Military Member of the Year Representatives since 2004:

2004: Petty Officer Ole Johan Haheim

2005: Sergeant Tomasz Krolikowski

2006: Petty Officer Amanda Tremble

2007: Staff Sergeant Mark Ledesma

2008: Sergeant Lars Lenvik

2009: Master Sergeant Viljar Hallik

2010: Chief Petty Officer Gary Braddock

2011: Sergeant Eric P. Krubsack

2012: Sergeant Christer Tjessem

2013: Chief Petty Officer John Bunce

2014: Chief Petty Officer Craig Pilley