IMG 9640 thumbnailThe Main Events List/Main Incidents List (MEL/MIL) Scripting Workshop for exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 16 (TRJR16) was conducted from 7 to 18 March at Joint Warfare Centre (JWC).

TRJR 16 is an Allied Command Transformation (ACT) sponsored Command Post/Computer Assisted Exercise (CPX/CAX). It will exercise and provide the conditions to evaluate and certify NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Turkey (NRDC-TUR) as a land-heavy NATO Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTF HQ).

All injects scripted at the workshop were in accordance with the fictitious exercise scenario, SKOLKAN 2.0, which provides an asymmetric conflict environment with many operational dilemmas that the Training Audience would address in an actual real-world operation.

"During this workshop, we have successfully accomplished the majority of the MEL/MIL for TRJR16. This is the direct result of successful collaboration between the JWC staff and NRDC-TUR Trusted Agents, as well as the key support from a variety of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and civilian contractors," said German Army Lieutenant Colonel Peter Mientus, JWC's Chief MEL/MIL for the exercise.


He added: "To sum it up: we have created sufficient content to support the Training Objectives and we have developed a script that both reflects the intent of Commander NRDC-TUR and challenges the Training Audience on the operational level. It is also important to note that as the JWC's OPR team we have developed a very good coordination platform with the Training Audience's OPR team. And last not but not least, my special thanks go to the our Senior Advisor Major General (Ret.) Roger Lane who provided his insight and guidance to ensure the success of TRJR16."

When asked his views about the workshop, NRDC-TUR Chief Trusted Agent for TRJR16, British Army Colonel Ross Thurlow said that they have accomplished a tremendous amount of work during the given time. He added: "The preparation and effort that has gone into it, combined with the depth and breadth of experience present at the workshop and the close working relationships developed over the last year, leads me to have no doubt that we are in line to have an excellent and demanding exercise that will fully test NRDC-TUR."

The Colonel then added: "But this is not the only outcome. For NRDC-TUR staff, it has been a great learning opportunity on how the MEL/MIL process is conducted and one that we shall take back to Istanbul to be adapted to meet our specific requirements and capabilities. I also believe that the training relationship built is something we need to continue to develop in order to maintain the MEL/MIL knowledge we have built up in NRDC-TUR. Mutual Training Support should not be just the remit of operational staff; there is a role here for the 7 shop as well."

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