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JWC Clubs, Associations and Organizations

The Clubs, Associations and Organizations listed below are open to all members of the JWC Community in Stavanger, Norway.


JWC Bicycle Club

The JWC Bicycle Club is established to promote the sport of cycling within the JWC, to promote participation in and preparation for amateur racing events on and off road, to foster the knowledge of bike technology, kit repair skills and to serve as a patron for those interested in cycling sport.

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You can also read the short text (RIGHT) published in JWC's Three Swords magazine in 2010.




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JWC Football Club

The JWC Football Club competes in regular 7-a-side weekly matches against local Norwegian teams within the Rogaland Bedriftsidretten Fotballserien. The season runs from approximately April to October and the activity takes place outdoors on a Grus (Gravel) pitch.


















JWC Golf Club

The JWC Golf Club promotes golf within the international community of JWC, develops fellowship and a spirit of friendly competition among all who share a common interest in golf, and promotes friendly relationships with the Norwegian community. The Club pursues these aims by providing arrangements for facilities to play, arranging competitions within the association and with other clubs, setting handicaps, providing information on local customs and rules, and establishing standards of golf etiquette.



JWC Ladies Club

The JWC Ladies Club is established to promote friendship and to enhance the morale and welfare of the ladies of the international community at JWC by providing opportunities to meet, connect and conduct social activities.

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JWC Winter Sports Club

The JWC Winter Sports Club is established to promote winter sports, primarily the alpine and nordic ski disciplines. However, in recognition of the great diversity of winter sports activities available in Norway, the Club will support, where possible, other related activities. All Club activities will focus on safe participation by all members.




JWC Diving and Fishing Club

The JWC Diving and Fishing Club is established for the purpose of promoting the sports of diving and fishing within the JWC Community. All Club activities will focus on inclusive and safe participation by all members.



JWC Sailing Club

The mission of the Joint Warfare Centre Sailing Club is to encourage the sport of sailing within JWC by providing a safe, family-friendly environment for the conduct of offshore and dinghy sailing and the provision of Royal Yachting Association certified sail training courses.

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JWC Tennis Club

The JWC Tennis Club is established for the purpose of promoting the sport of tennis within the JWC Community. The Club endeavours to cater to all levels from beginners to experts and its activities focus on inclusive participation by all members.


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