Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Contracting FAQs

Contracting FAQs

I am a business who is interested in bidding on NATO JWC solicitations. Where can I review solicitations and present-day requirements?
Information about NATO solicitations can be found on our website.

What kind of security clearance do I need to contract for NATO?
The Statement of Work for the Request for Proposal will specifically state the level of clearance required by NATO. In general, at minimum, NATO SECRET clearance is mandatory.

Are NATO security clearances the same as clearances for my nation? In other words, if I already have a national security clearance, do I have NATO clearance as well?
NO. The Statement of Work for the Request for Proposal will specifically state the level of clearance from NATO that the firm will be required to have. NATO's clearance levels function independent of any clearance levels for other nations. However, it is understood that for most NATO nations, granting of a NATO security clearance is handled in a similar manner to that of obtaining a national security clearance. Please contact your National Security Office for information on their procedures for obtaining NATO clearances.

Who should I use as a point of contact at NATO for discussion before and after submitting a proposal? To whom should I address questions about the project or the Statement of Work?
The appropriate points of contact for any questions are included in the Request for Proposal.

Who else is bidding or submitting a proposal and what price(s) are they quoting?
NATO reserves all information about potential bidders and current bidders as procurement sensitive. However, NATO Purchasing & Contracting Branch ensures maximum visibility to all nations regarding contract opportunities.

How do taxes and tax exemptions work?
International agreements approved by NATO Nations ensure that NATO HQs are exempt from paying taxes and duties on commercially procured goods and services. Generally speaking, Purchasing & Contracting branches can procure goods and services without paying taxes and duties or establish a procedure, under the guidance of the Financial Controller, to recuperate paid taxes or similar fees.

Will work on this project be tax exempt?
Because of a series of international agreements, NATO will not pay taxes for goods & services that it procures or will recuperate the funds that it expends upon taxes with the guidance of the Financial Controller.

Can my proposal deviate from the RFP?
A firm may submit an alternative proposal that deviates in part from the Statement of Work from the Request for Proposal IF AND ONLY IF it submits a compliant proposal in addition to the alternative proposal. Any deviations in the primary proposal will result in a detraction of points during the award process.

May my company submit more than one proposal?
A bidding firm must submit a proposal that conforms to the Statement of Work for the Request for Proposal and may submit one or more alternative proposals in addition to the conforming proposal.

Are there any categories of firms to which NATO gives special treatment (i.e. registered small business or veteran owned firm)?
All firms are given equal treatment before, during, and after the bidding process.

Does my business have to be from a NATO Nation in order to submit a proposal?
NATO seeks business only from member nations. However, if no Member nation submits a proposal, then a nation from the Partnership for Peace may submit a proposal. But if a firm from a Partnership for Peace nation submits a bid that competes with a bid from a firm of a Member nation, then the bid of the firm from the Partnership for Peace nation must be declared noncompliant.

What is the international bidding process?
NATO regulations require that Requests for Proposals that are predicted to exceed Established Financial Limits (For 2010, all proposals exceeding €152,000) must be posted as an international notification of intent to begin bidding procedures. However, firms from any Member nation may bid on any proposal open for competitive bidding.

Can an English written request for proposal be translated into the local language?
Yes, but in the event of inconsistency between any terms of the contract and any translation into another language, the English language meaning shall govern.

Will my quote be accepted if submitted after the quote due date?
Quotes received after due date will not be used in award selection process. NATO JWC has the right to cancel request for quote/proposal any time before award.

Can I invoice before receipt of materials?
Yes, but invoice will not be paid until delivery of all items

What is required on all invoices?
Please ensure your invoice includes 1) the purchase order amount, 2) reference the purchase order and/or contract number, 3) a brief purchase order description, 4) and invoice date, 5) proper invoice number, 6) and your bank information. Failure to miss any of these requirements may constitute in a rejection of your invoice.

Is partial payments authorized?
Unless otherwise agreed, partial payments are not authorized. Full payment will be made when item(s) have been delivered and received.